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Katherine Kemp:

After studying acting and working in the industry for 8 years in Sydney, I decided to move on to another career.

While working for an opal dealer in Sydney who owned her own mines in Winton, and who was a gemmologist and a designer of her own jewellery, I was inspired to study gemmology at the NSW institute. This proved a challenge for someone who had been in the arts all my life! However I found studying chemistry, geology and most interesting of all, crystallography, incredibly fascinating. I have been called a rock nerd before, I can’t argue!
I loved working in a laboratory identifying gemstones, picking out synthetics from natural ones and putting all the theory I had sweated over into practice.

While studying gemmology I got a job working for a coloured stone wholesaler in Sydney, where I learned even more about coloured stones and pearls, and was lucky enough to work for someone who was passionate about gemmology, crystals and all the amazing forms gemstones come in.

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I then moved to Brisbane, after gaining a job for a coloured stone wholesaler here, who also sold diamonds, so my diamond knowledge was put into practice. Moving on to one of Australia’s leading wholesalers after that, I moved into working in coloured stone, diamonds, pearls, jewellery and design.

After 5 years of working there, I fell pregnant and decided to leave the industry to look after my (now) kids. It was then that I started my own company designing and making custom made jewellery. I have been doing this for the last 3 years under the name of GYRO Gems, which stands for Get Your Rocks On! Yes, this does say something about how I feel about gemstones, their beauty, individuality, mystery and how they speak very personally to each of us. You can see some of my past work up on the gallery pages of this website.

It is now that I have a bit more time to devote to my company that I have relaunched and rebranded to RubyRed jewellery. This is to signify a new beginning for my company reaching out to all those who wish to full fill their dream of having the perfect piece of jewellery made especially for them by someone who is passionate about what they want, about finding the right stone for them, designing a piece of jewellery that is timeless and speaks of their personality, not only by design but by the stone chosen.

I love my job and I love the journey I go on with my customers, but more than anything it is incredibly satisfying to deliver the finished product and see the joy and excitement that my work can bring.

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